gooseneck double lock
May 11, 2017
hitch class 3
Class 3
May 11, 2017
hitch 5th wheel 16k
hitch 5th wheel 20k
hitch 5th wheel 24k
hitch 5th wheel 25k

5th Wheel


Designed for versatile application, and each one is compatible with a variety of mounting options.

All 5th wheel hitches use a rail system but some of them mount under the bed of the box. Some hitches can be application sensitive using custom brackets to the make the installation cleaner, but the most common mounting style is the universal style. The 5th wheel head takes much of the impact of bumps & road irregulations when you’re not driving your 5th wheel trailer down the road. To absorb the impact of this movement, all 5th wheel hitches have a degree of front to back pivot movement, some also have side to side movement.

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